Trading & Investing Groups

Beginning Investors

Forum | 1274 Members

A group for beginning investors to ask questions and learn the ropes and learn from the collective knowlege of the TK community. … more

Option Traders Unite

Forum | 540 Members

A meeting place for option traders to discuss strategies. … more

Options for Beginners

Forum | 438 Members

This group is for brand new option traders. If you've never traded an option, this groups for you. Although... we would like to have some experienced option traders to help us through the more difficult trades. I will start this group with a simple covered call. This will be my first option trade, so the excitement starts right away. We will be using The Options Playbook as our guide. Everybody can ask all and any questions without the fear of looking like an idiot. … more

Union Of Fundamentalist Stock Pickers

Forum | 424 Members

A silly name for a serious group of traders/investors. The group mission is to improve members skills as traders/investors through the sharing of knowledge, ideas and strategies. All levels of experience are welcome to join. Please do not include links to your personal web page in your posts. Posts containing these links will be deleted. … more

TradeKing API

Forum | 459 Members

Discussion around the TradeKing API. … more