Few Points To Consider Before Choosing The U.S. Government Immigration Service

David Fournier posted on 06/17/17 at 04:29 PM

Donald Trump, the present president of the USA has a completely different view of the present state of the regulations of immigrations. Even though the immigration laws in U.S. remain the same, there are some add-ons to this regulation, which need to be taken into account. Besides, there are some stricter measures of immigration, including for people, who like to enter the U.S. through employment as the result of the "America First" directive. A number of countries are also prevented from getting visa issuance. The immigration services offered by the U.S. government are accessible to all those people, who are thinking of going to U.S to work and/or to live. Besides, this immigration process is really lengthy and according to the Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP), there are a number of things to be prepared before processing the immigration application. Here are a few things that you can consider in this regard: • Employment based immigration: In case you are planning to get the employment based immigration, then only a U.S. employer is capable of filing the sponsorship for you. This employment based immigration needs to file the I-140 form Petition for Alien Worker with the (USCIS) or United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services and has to pay the corresponding fee. Besides, the employer also needs to secure the labor certification approval from the U.S. Department of Labor. This must be done before filing the form I-140. Basically, there are basically five types of preferences in the field of employment based immigration. These are namely: 1. First preferences or E1: This includes priority workers, which include people with extraordinary abilities, multichannel managers or executives, who are employed at least for 3 years by any U.S employers’ subsidiary, overseas branch, affiliate or parent, professors with minimum 3 years of experience in the field of specialization and globally recognized researchers. 2. Second preferences or E2: People with great ability in the field of business, science or arts or experts holding advanced degrees. 3. Third preferences or E3: Skilled, unskilled and professional workers 4. Fourth preferences or E4: Special immigrants like ministers, broadcasters and religion Iraqi and Afghan interpreters/ translators, who directly have worked with the U.S. armed forces. 5. Fifth preferences or E5: These are immigrant investors, who want to begin new commercial business U.S. as well as want to create jobs for the citizens of that country. • Family based immigration: In case you are planning to enter U.S. under the family based immigration, you can do it only in case some U.S. citizen sponsors you. For the family based immigration, the sponsor has to file the I-130 form Petition for Alien Relative with the (USCIS) or United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services. The sponsor needs to pay a corresponding fee while filing the petition. Once USCIS approves the petition, the sponsor needs to offer an Affidavit of Support. This document will show that the sponsor has enough income or assets to support you and also the person accepts all the legal responsibilities to support you once to reach to U.S. and wait to get a job.

Posted by David Fournier on 06/17/17 at 04:29 PM


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