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AMD Recent price action / Mnuchin Hearing

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 11:59 AM

The green candle on today's action is promising with a range of about 10.80 - 11.48. Right now price is coming off the 11.48 a bit within the range on a 1 minute chart, but should find support a... more

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AMD - What I should have realized

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 10:28 AM

After my original play of 3 calls for June 23rd that did well at the 11 strike its important to note cost versus profit made and how much I was in the money versus my original entry which was o... more

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Market Coming off of Lows

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 10:08 AM

Dow Jones just recovered to over 20,600 now versus the 20,500's we saw earlier. AMD - just saw 11.20 on the ticker tape. NVDA: - rockin' with over $ 4.50+ move this morning. AMZN: up over... more

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Repositioned AMD Bullish Calls

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 09:43 AM

So, 12.50 and 13 strikes got pummeled, but still had time value. On money, I'm actually slightly up after my gain in 3 calls from the earlier June 23 expiration trade. The 5 calls at 12.50 and ... more

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AMD 3 month Chart

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 09:30 AM

Today we are near the bottom trough of the 9 day moving average near 10.90. I am hopeful we pare losses and gets some gains today from lows.

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Some Positive News - Before Market Open

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 09:25 AM

I've been watching the pre-market now along with some breakfast. I noticed several things: CSCO: down about 7 % and CEO is responding to Cramer's questions now; 31.18 seen on ticker tape. ... more

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AMD Pre-Market and Dismal Futures for the Open

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 08:41 AM

Well,, looks like both patterns I saw in AMD intraday fizzled and the 11.52 level was tested lower. But this was happening with a LOT of names out there leaving the trader / investor on bullish ... more

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SMH - Semi-Conductor Sector - 'The Trend is Your Friend"

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 01:01 PM

So, SMH went up 6 days with green candles; bound to be a pull back.....and..... It happened today. The sell-off brought price down from 84.84 which is the top of the last green candle on th... more

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AMD Pattern Changing

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 11:28 AM

What looked like a symmetrical pattern is now becoming a descending triangle. I'm seeing around 11.62 or so which is still above the "V bottom' low of 11.52 today so we just need the moving aver... more

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Sell-Off Could be Buying Opportunity

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 11:22 AM

At times we get a sell-off, but it isn't a market correction sell-off. AAPL, AMZN, AMD, NVDA, all came down today due to the pressure build of the Comey / Flynn news and call for impeachment of ... more

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AMD - A Familiar Pattern

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 10:32 AM

Sometimes a drop occurs and then price action follows: 1 possible result is what we are seeing in AMD now. The pattern is described as follows: Drop and gap down, low point established with '... more

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AMD Price Action Now

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 10:06 AM

AMD has some good price recovery happening now from the low 11.52 - 11.53 point and now near 12.10-12.18 given my 1 minute chart - note that this is approx given what the chart gives me; the da... more

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AMD Price Action Just after Open

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 09:56 AM

So AMD came down after the big gains made yesterday. Yet the lowest I saw was on a wick of a candle for a 1 minute chart was 11.52. (Note that with delayed quotes it seems the 1 minute chart is... more

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Major Indexes Futures Indicate Lower Open

Eman posted on 05/17/17 at 09:27 AM

I guess this Comey news just isn't going away. But I'm not understanding why it should impact the markets in a big way. I think the futures are wrong somewhat and we should pare losses after op... more

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Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 03:58 PM

The Nasdaq is about to close at record highs. I'm seeing 6,166 and change !

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NVDA and MU Still chugging along!

Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 03:16 PM

Despite some technicals showing as overbought, like the Williams %R and the Stochastics, NVDA and MU price action showed as resilient today. NVDA for example saw lows of like 133 and 133.35... more

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Favorable Switch on Strikes for AMD

Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 01:31 PM

Although my previous blog about AMD states I have an 8 day look, and I am in the profit zone, let's re-examine some points of interest: The technicals are nowhere near overbought levels - RSI is... more

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SMH - small pull back in trend

Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 11:04 AM

SMH has moved up a lot; Today I see a small red candle developing along the trend which is healthy. We can't always go straight up. As long as we are still on trend, this price action is fin... more

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Dow Jones and RUT lose some gains

Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 11:00 AM

I just noticed despite the great open today overall, The DJIA pulled back some near the 20,950 level approx. and the RUT pulled back near 1386 from 1396; however, this is a slightly higher lo... more

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AMD Today

Eman posted on 05/16/17 at 10:39 AM

So in my prior post on our open for the day, I briefly mentioned that AMD did well in pre-market and is now entering into the 12's. We are near about a 5 % increase today between pre-market, o... more

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