AMD - What I should have realized

Eman posted on 05/18/17 at 10:28 AM

After my original play of 3 calls for June 23rd that did well at the 11 strike its important to note cost versus profit made and how much I was in the money versus my original entry which was out of the money. Cost was 0.62 per contract; I don't know the AMD price exactly when I entered; however, but it was below 11 probably like 10.60's. Then we moved up with the big green candle and after market was like 12.70+. Before that though I had the opportunity to just KEEP my profit and WAIT. My exit filled at 1.62 per contract and so got about 1.00 per contract minus some minor transaction cost. For AMD stock to go up well over 11 % is not usual and profit taking definitely occurs. The thought of AMD going higher than the 12.50-12.70 area to keep going the next day, just wasn't in the cards especially given the analyst views from earlier even with looking at the most bullish one with a 13 dollar price target; the others are lower by a bit. Give it a day, analyze the charts, then make a new play. I could have had a lot more contracts in play today at the 11.50 strike for June 30th expiration.

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Posted by Eman on 05/18/17 at 10:28 AM


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