AMD goes near 12; Exiting Puts and going into calls

Eman posted on 06/19/17 at 10:14 AM

Unfortunately, my 11.50 put trade for July 28th didn't work out. I saw a small bullish moving average since the bigger drop over 3 months connecting the lows and within that time we had 2 big up moves. A big tech conference is happening at White House today which is a big deal. AMD reversed the short term bearishness and pushed up on the open today. Then I saw over 12 - too much pain on my puts there - exited at 0.66. Got into 2 calls at 1.02 for the 12 strike for July 28th expiration. Hopefully now, this trade works out - geez!

Edited by Eman at 06/19/17 at 10:15 AM


Posted by Eman on 06/19/17 at 10:14 AM


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